Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rainy Day

So today my run wasn't all that great.  It had nothing to do with the rain since I run on a treadmill in the garage but because my son jumped on me and I fell on my knee.  OUCH!  So this afternoon I did what my husband always accuses me of.....sit on the couch.  Although I was accomplished in that I made my menu for the week, my grocery list and a spreadsheet to figure out who get's what school picture and in what size.  (My son had to go and take 8 awesome shots in one sitting, making my job all that much harder.)  I designed a team logo for the color run (Team Yensid--bonus points for you if you know that name without looking it up), did some computer updates, made a better running play list for Bay to Breakers and I suppose writing this entry is another thing marked off my list without leaving the couch.  :)

In between all that I browsed Pinterest.  Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE pinterest.  A place to find all the things I never knew I needed.  Why I found a cake slicer today...a mere $54 plus $12 in shipping from Amazon (and no Prime shipping) for all the layer cakes I make.  (note: extreme sarcasm) HOWEVER, my mind works in such a way that if I were to get this fancy piece of equipment then I would WANT to make more layer cakes.  They are delicious after all.
Martha Stewart's Ultimate Coconut Cake
(seriously the best cake i have put in my mouth)

In the cake above, my husband so kindly cut the layers and it was a very bad day for the diet.  This cake was worth every ounce of effort that was put into it.  IF you are adventurous and like to bake --- go for it!  If you are looking for a mild, plain cake- just make the cake portion of the recipe and forget the rest.  And don't worry about the coconut extract, the taste is so subtle you won't notice.  My husband wants the cake part with chocolate frosting.  He HATED the vanilla bean frosting recipe that came with this recipe, but as a sweets and frosting fan, it was to DIE for.  I would have eaten it all day.

That's all for today.  I need to get my son under control.  He has decided he will be playing with his toys today. And by playing I mean grabbing a bucket of toys, bringing it to a different room, and going through them one by one and then piling them everywhere.  Oh the joys of a five year old.
Until next time.......

This is me
(holding one of our pet scorpions, who is now deceased)

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