Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad Blogger

OMG!!!  I can't believe it has been months since i last posted.  I am such a bad blogger, I guess life took over.  Since my last blog, I have run three half marathons, and have another 10k coming up.  And while I am not losing weight with an regularity, I feel strong.  I am finally feeling back up to my regular ability since my IT Band injury in August.  Things are looking good.  We are in the celebratory part of the year...birthdays and holidays abound.  It is a very tough time eating wise but I will try my best.  And definitely not miss a work out.  I have two blogs in my head that will hopefully make it here soon. One.....a detail list about the Disneyland birthday party i threw my son.  So many people helped and don't even know it, so it will be time to give the bloggers their due.  And the second about my whirlwind trip to Walt Disney World.  What a magical time!!  So while this post might have been small...there is lots more to come.  :)

This is me
(after my 2nd half marathon)

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